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Why I Love Traveling to the Riviera Maya

golf playa del carmen

I don’t often travel, as it’s expensive and hard to take time off work. Recently, I have taken a few trips to the Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan Peninsula. I love this place, where I’m able to do yoga, meditate, eat delicious food, chill on Caribbean beaches, and more. Even through the normal chaos of traveling, this is a place that is consistently calm and perfect for me.

The Difficulties of Travel

It’s not always easy to stay sane while traveling in recovery. One of the biggest reasons is that we are thrown from our normal routine. We can’t see the same supportive friends, go to meetings, continue therapy, etc. This can be a bit destabilizing at times.

In addition, travel can be simply chaotic. We have to fly, which can be stressful the whole time. Going somewhere new where we don’t necessarily speak the language can present new challenges. We have to deal with a new culture, unknown homes or hotels, and just so many variables. This can be quite exhausting.

Why the Riviera Maya is Different

When I travel to the Riviera Maya, this stress isn’t quite as bad. Yes, there are still the pains of dealing with airports, customs and immigration, beign in a new country, etc. However, all of my worries just leave my mind when I arrive.

I love spending time outdoors doing things relaxing. You can go to the beautiful freshwater cenotes, visit Mayan ruins, paddleboard, snorkel, and so much more. Sometimes I go to meditation and yoga classes, while other times I just sit on the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

I love playing golf down there too. There are some amazing golf courses near Playa del Carmen, and no shortage of courses to play. It’s a great way to be outside all day, spend time with friends, and get some exercise.

Simply put, I’m able to have more peace and equanimity when I’m down there. Life is simple, and I can live with ease for a week or so. I highly recommend you visit, and see if you feel at ease as well!

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