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What is Stimulant Withdrawal

stimulant withdrawal

The stimulant is a type of drug that is used to cool down the nervous system. And it affects the nervous system of the body through the brain. Not only the brain, but it also creates a sense in the brain that it increases the neurotransmitter system in the brain. Though it is slightly taken for study or athletic works, nowadays people used to become addicted to it. And due to excessive use of the stimulant, people lost their own power on themselves. And who are addicted to it, it’s become very much tough for them to leave the addiction. Rather it affects the body and mind physically and psychologically. Because the brain takes time to work on its own.

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When someone becomes addicted to some drugs, he or she becomes dependant on them. And for them, the drug becomes their own dependency. For our human beings, emotion plays an important role in our life. And when we are addicted to something, we find some instincts or some reasons to be addicted to that drug.

There are many ways to withdraw the stimulant addiction. But there remain symptoms about the withdrawal. They are stated below.

Dehydration –

Whenever your body feels the lack of water in itself, then it shows the symptoms of dehydration. But when you become dependent on something, lack of those things causes some mare absence in your body. So the stimulant withdrawal has an effective symptom of dehydration.

Loss of interest –

People use to lose interest in all sorts of works. They do not find them interesting. And if anyone uses a stimulant for studies, he won’t find any interest in studies. Athlete won’t find any happiness in athletic issues. So the loss of interest is merely seen here.

Slow heart rate-

Our heart beats to a minimal level. But the withdrawal of stimulant decreases the heart rate. And it becomes slow.

Hallucinations –

Another psychological thing that effects the withdrawal of stimulant is a hallucination. Each and every drug has a relation with hallucination. And stimulant is not a rare case. People find it acute in this case also. And this hallucination remains up to 2-3 days continuously. The brain rejects to accept the real things. It tries to create different things for its own satisfaction.

Depression –

This is the most affected symptom that is seen after the withdrawal of stimulant. And not only that, it sometimes creates a sense in human mind, that bounds people to do suicide. So depression needs to be medicated.

Increased Appetite –

Some drugs cause a decrease of appetite. But the withdrawal of stimulant causes an increase of appetite. People losses their power to think about that one subject.  So they forget to sense the taste also. It creates a tendency to eat more in a person.

Body aches-

This is the most common among all the withdrawal of drugs. And here also, there is no exception. People get a huge pain throughout the body. And the pain feels them take stimulant more. It becomes a tendency for them to take the drug again.

All these include stimulant withdrawal.

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