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What is Numerology?

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Numerology is quite an interesting subject that many use to find answers in their lives. Known as arithmancy in the Harry Potter series, numerology is the study and belief of the power of numbers in the physical and mystical world. Many types of numerology include some emphasis on the vibrational energy of numbers, although this is not always the case.

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History of Numerology

Many historians credit Pythagoras with the invention of numerology. The ancient mathmetician is well-known for his work in geometry and for understanding the musical harmonies. However, he also believed in the mystical power of numbers. His followers carried on this tradition in the centuries following his death.

The essential belief here was that numbers are everything, a bit like a universal language. For the mathmeticians of the time, the world could be understood best through numbers. Numerology has come from various traditions, but this Greek philospher is largely responsible for our understanding of numerology in the West.

The Basics of Numerology

Numerology is built off a system of assigning numbers to letters of the alphabet. With these assignments, you can look at your name to find a personality type, your birthday to find a life path, and a partner to find compatibility.

Although there are basics of numerology that are rooted in the teachings of Pythagoras, there are many schools and types of numerology. Even amidst one tradition, there are many different types of understanding the numbers and information.

As such, a numerologist has usually studied and trained extensively in order to provide accurate and informed readings. With a numerology reading, you will get to see what the numbers of the universe say about your life.

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