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What is Marijuana Wax?

What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana Wax and Smoking

Marijuana wax is a relatively new thing, and many people don’t know exactly what it is. It can create quite a bit of discomfort, and be dangerous. Marijuana is a substance most often smoked, and used recreationally by many Americans. Often thought to be natural and non-addictive, marijuana can actually cause quite a few problems. Of course there are many people who use marijuana and live a functional life. However, a 2015 study found that about 30% of regular marijuana users qualify for substance use disorder.

As THC content of marijuana has climbed significantly in recent decades, its effects have become much stronger. Marijuana has been linked to changes in brain structure, decreased cognitive function, and increased risk of stroke. That is, marijuana is not as harmless as we may think. As such, wax is something about which we should educate ourselves and understand, as it brings new dangers and risks.

What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is a form of the drug that is very high in THC, marijuana’s active ingredient. The name wax refers to the thick, sticky form of the substance. Wax is made with butane, the fluid often found in lighter fluid. As butane is pushed through marijuana, it extracts the THC and creates a highly-concentrated form of cannabis. Making wax can be dangerous, and explosions are unfortunately common.

People use wax most often by a process known colloquially as “dabbing.” Dabbing is the process of sticking wax in a vaporizer or bong with a long and skinny instrument. Wax can be difficult to handle, so a dabber is used to put the drug in place. Unlike normal marijuana, wax hits contain almost purely THC. AS such, a hit of wax is incredibly strong and potent.

Wax can be quite expensive compared to normal cannabis buds. However, wax lasts much longer as it is so potent. It’s become a go-to for many people as it is easier to conceal and produces a stronger high with less substance. Although it is a derivative of marijuana, wax is not really the same as smoking the flowers.

marijuana wax effectsMarijuana Wax Effects

Marijuana wax effects may be seen as similar to an incredibly strong marijuana high. The taste and smell are much stronger, closer to that of hash. Because of the highly-concentrated THC in wax, dabbing produces much stronger hallucinogenic effects than cannabis flowers do. In addition, the high is felt almost immediately and comes in a rush. As such, it is much more appealing to regular marijuana smokers who have built a tolerance to THC.

Like marijuana, wax may produce feelings of euphoria, a heightened perception of the senses, a change in perspective of time, the “munchies,” and some relaxation. Users may also feel paranoid or distrustful, nauseas, and anxiety. Because of the high potency, these unpleasant effects are much more likely to arise with wax use than normal marijuana use.

Wax Drug Side Effects

In addition to the normal dangers of regular marijuana use, wax can be quite risky to use. There are cases of marijuana wax still containing butane, which of course is dangerous to inhale. Furthermore, the hallucinogenic effects of dabbing can cause people to lose their sense of reality. Because of the hallucinogenic effects, users may not be able to function appropriately. Some suffer psychotic episodes from wax use, while others end up in emergency rooms needing sedation.

On the other hand, wax may be bought from reputable cannabis collectives in states where marijuana is legal, leading to a decreased likelihood of low-quality wax. This doesn’t make wax safe, as it still contains tarpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonois, all of which impact the brain and lung function negatively. Because of the strength, wax can take people by surprise, causing nausea and paranoia much more often than may be common with regular marijuana use. Finally, the dosing is difficult because it is a relatively new substance. Because it’s largely unregulated, users don’t know the exact strength of the wax and may end up much higher than anticipated.

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