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Sober 24/7 offers professional and certified sober companion services, sober coaches, and life coaching. Whether you need an escort on a trip to or from treatment, a recovery coach to help you build a new life, or somebody to simply help point you in the right direction as you recover from substance abuse or mental health disorders, we can help.

What is a Sober Companion?

Sober companions, also referred to as sober escorts, are trained professionals that help an individual most often traveling from one location to another. For example, a sober companion is useful when making the journey from an intervention to treatment, from detox to treatment, from treatment to a court hearing, or from sober living to a doctor’s appointment.

The sober escort provides stability and experience. Rather than going through these vulnerable times alone, a newly sober individual has the opportunity to be with a supporting and knowledgeable individual.

Although a sober companion is present to support a recovering individual and provide guidance, they are not an authority over the person. The role of an escort is to be a friendly and caring presence, offering suggestions and help returning to our recovery programs. This is done in a loving, although sometimes firm, way.

Sober CoachesWhat are Sober Coaches?

Sober coaches differ from sober companions in that they aren’t strictly for traveling. Sober coaching is more of a long-term service, as a recovery coach acts a bit as a life coach for those building a new life after addiction.

Recovery coaching is ideal for individuals who need some guidance in getting their lives back together. Recovery coaches can help you with daily tasks of building responsibility such as making your bed, paying bills, dealing with probation or court cases, and guiding you through the journey of therapy, twelve-step work, and treatment programming.

Whether you’re leaving an inpatient treatment center to go home or living in a sober living environment, a coach will offer you a consistent and reliable guide through the process of recovering from addiction. Coaches can support you through things that may be difficult in your life, such as moving, making life changes, going back to school, building a resume and finding jobs, and more!

Sober Companion Services

Sober Companions may be employed for a variety of purposes. These are some of the most common ways in which an escort can be of service to you or your loved one.

Drug and Alcohol Interventions

According to Psychology Today, drug interventions performed by a professional increase the likelihood that an individual will go to treatment. However, the period between the intervention and the person actually admitting to a drug treatment center is crucial.

During this period, a trained escort will help get your loved one to the treatment facility safely. As a sober buddy, your loved one will be accompanied by a compassionate guide. This is an extremely vulnerable time, and the presence of an understanding and experienced professional eases fear and helps keep everything running smoothly.

Sober Companions and EscortsBetween Treatment Phases

Similar to traveling from an intervention to inpatient treatment, the period of moving from one treatment center to another, from detox to residential treatment, or from treatment to sober living can be a trying time for an individual trying to recover from addiction. Studies have shown that longer-term treatment works better than shorter-term treatment, and a friend along this journey can make all the difference.

A companion will travel with you between treatment phases, offering security and safety along the trip. Whether it’s across town or across the country, an escort will help with the moving process, help you get settled in your new location, and offer a pillar of strength through the process.

Leaving Treatment

When an addict or alcoholic is ready to leave treatment, it can be difficult to know when we’re enabling or helping. Again, traveling is a dangerous time, and it’s important to do what we can to support our loved one. This is a great example of a use for a sober companion or escort.

Whether someone is traveling via plane, train, or car, there are numerous opportunities and triggers along the way. Leaving treatment is scary, especially if we’re headed home. A buddy during this time can help make sure the person stays sober, show them some relapse prevention techniques, and share experience staying sober through these emotions and experiences.

Doctors, Lawyers, and Outings

We often hear from people reaching out for companion services for simple day trips. Whether somebody needs to go see a doctor, show up at a court case, or is going out for fun with friends, escorts can be of great service. An escort doesn’t need to be an authority or even obvious.

In this case, a sober companion offers some stability, accountability, and expertise. So much of addiction involves being lonely and feeling alone. In recovery we don’t need to go through life alone, and a professional recovery companion helps with this.

Sober Coaching Services

Our sober coaches can work with you or your loved one to fuel growth in recovery. A sober coach will help guide a person through the new life they are trying to build in recovery, step-by-step. Life can be overwhelming for all of us, especially when we find ourselves early in recovery from addiction or alcoholism.

Trained recovery coaches can help with a variety of things, including:

  • Responsibility and Cleanliness
  • Job Applications and Resume Building
  • Returning to School
  • Going Through Stepwork
  • Scheduling and Time Management
  • Making Meetings, Therapy Appointments, and More
  • Referring to Lawyers, Therapists, Sober Livings, etc.

Of course, recovery coaching may involve more than just these things. The value of a coach is that they have training, experience, and relationships to help the individual to the best of their ability. A coach acts as a recovery advocate, staying with the person through all phases of treatment and recovery. This continuity lets the advocate get to know the person well, and what they need in their journey to a healthy life.

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