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Is MDMA Safe to Abuse?

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MDMA is drug commonly known as Ecstasy. The chemical figure is, 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). This is a drug mostly used in recreational purposes. This drug is usually taken by mouth and when done it takes effect on 30 to 40 minutes and the effect can last a few hours. The most interesting fact about this drug is that it was primarily intended to be used to improve psychotherapy in the 70s but got popular as a street drug instead in the 80s. Nowadays ecstasy has an interesting association relating to clubs, parties, raves and music fests.

Many people seek help for MDMA addiction and other drug addiction every year, and there are people out there to help you. Addiction treatment centers like Treatment DC have trained staff to help you recover and build a life without drugs and alcohol.

MDMA is strictly banned and prohibited in most countries and only limited use is permitted, that too only for research. There is a logical reasoning behind that. Even though there hasn’t been any solid purpose behind using this drug for any important or ground breaking medical process, researchers are still trying to find to incorporate this drug to treat patients suffering from PTSD and some other psychological issues through clinical trials. When taken, MDMA has a few symptoms that pop up and last for a short period of time. These symptoms may include:

  • A sense of inner peace and happiness, called euphoria.
  • Increased confidence and sociable personality.
  • A sense of relaxation and reduced level of anxiety.
  • Mild hallucinations which might last a few minutes.
  • Enhanced libido or the need of sexuality and sensation.
  • An adverse or unknown sense of time, place or existence.

These symptoms or effects might sound pleasurable but wait. There is more to it. It is not all that simple. Just like any other illegal drugs this one also has a lot of adverse effects. Long term and short term both. When doses are high or taken in a multiple takes, the short term effects might get really severe. Depending on the individual single dose can also cause the same effects. In serious cases, hypothermia and dehydration can happen. Because of the dehydration, individuals have been recorded taking in massive amounts of waters and putting their life on the risk. The short term adverse effects might also include, Increased heart rate and blood pressure, teeth grinding, insomnia, fatigue, excessive sweating, vomiting, erectile dysfunction, nausea, diarrhea, visual and auditory hallucinations. Unfortunately there is a chance that these might even last for a week. MDMA also causes psychological issues such as restlessness, paranoia and irritability.

It is not yet fully determined if MDMA actually have any long term effects or not. However, there is evidence that people who abuse MDMA in regular suffered from long term effects. Those who have used in moderate to mild doses haven’t suffered from serious issues but heavy users have been recorded to have brain lesions, chronic depression and in few cases memory impairment. MDMA also causes Serotonin depletion, which helps develop mild depression and it can last weeks. If continued, it might even get into a serious stage and cause further issues. So, it is safe to say that MDMA might not have a consistent record of long term effects but it is not safe to abuse either.

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