5 Scary Facts about Recreational Benzo Use
5 Scary Facts about Recreational Benzo Use
November 12, 2017
Digging Deeper in Recovery
Digging Deeper in Recovery
December 3, 2017
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Finding the Right Treatment Center

If you look online for just a few minutes, you’ll see there are a ton of addiction treatment centers out there. Different facilities have different offerings. Some are twelve-step, while others are holistic. Some offer residential treatment, while others are outpatient. Maybe you’re interested in going to a calming desert like Palm Springs, or maybe you want to be near the beach with the cool ocean breeze. Here are a few different things to consider when choosing a treatment center.

Treatment Type

First, you may want to consider what type of treatment program is right for you. There are residential treatment centers, outpatient programs, sober livings, and more. All programs offer different levels of care.

The advantage of going to residential treatment is you won’t be tempted by drugs and old friends. By living at a treatment center for a month, you have the opportunity to focus solely on yourself and your recovery. As you step down in levels of care, you are allowed more freedom. This can be useful to keep a job, go to school, or fulfill family obligations. Although it really is up to you, residential treatment tends to be a great place to start!

Co-Occurring Disorders

Have you been diagnosed with a mental health disorder along with your substance use disorder? This is known as a co-occurring disorder, and refers to the existence of a mental health disorder along with addiction. There are treatment centers that specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment, and if you have a co-occurring disorder it’s important to find a treatment center that offers professional and qualified care for what you are experiencing.

Holistic Care

Some people don’t click with traditional twelve-step programs and treatment. There are holistic and non 12 step treatment centers that offer things like yoga, SMART Recovery, meditation, nutritional counseling, and more holistic and alternative options. If this is something that appeals to you, you may want to look at holistic programs offering a more spiritual and alternative program.

Family Programming

Family programs can be incredibly beneficial in healing and recovering. Rebuilding family relationships takes time, but a good family program can make a big difference. If you have loved ones who you want to participate in your recovery, find somewhere that offers a serious family day or week. This can help bring understanding, communication, and vulnerability to the relationship. It may not immediately cure your relationships, but it can help set you on the right path.


Next, you may want to consider location. Sometimes, people like to go to treatment nearby their home so they can see family and have the support of their loved ones. On the other hand, it can be helpful to get out of town and go to treatment somewhere in which you don’t know anyone with whom you can use. Going to treatment in a new place allows you the opportunity to have a new experience and not be triggered by old temptations.

You may also want to consider what setting you want. There are treatment centers in the mountains, in deserts, near the beach, and in urban environments. What feels most healing and safe to you? There’s no right or wrong answer, but we all have preferences, and you can choose where feels right for you to recover and find sobriety.


Finally, you may want to consider offerings related to aftercare. If you go to treatment, what are you going to do after. Ask your treatment center if they have aftercare options. Can you continue in sober living and outpatient? Can they recommend therapists or support groups? Having a good aftercare program can help ensure you have some support when you leave treatment, and this can make a world of difference!

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